Taking it one day at a time

Hello Folks,

So today marked a week spent living here in Newmarket and the start of my venture into Harvest 17. Rain, rain and more rain accurately describes the weather and thus my daily tasks. As the crops are wet, I spend my day either looking for work and in some cases breaking my back carrying out tasks on the farm. Although I am by no means a great tractor driver and pretty clueless with regards to how things work on the farm, I am enjoying my time here. The house I live in, I get for free, I have plenty of chocolate and just last Saturday and Sunday, Niamh and I attended a party in nearby Essex (a welcome break).

As per usual, once I actually started working and getting familiar with the run of the place, I began to relax. Nonetheless, every new scenario I find myself in, I am guaranteed to overthink and cripple myself with fear and anxiety which literally helps nobody. In recent times I try to back myself in every occasion and instill a sense of self belief within myself. To paraphrase Mr. Obama ‘Yes I can’. I know that I am not alone in the need to believe in myself far more and now is as good a time as any to start.

So go on, get out there and do what you want and just know that whatever it is, YOU CAN DO IT. Except Medicine, probably leave that to the professionals.


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