Out of the office and into the tractor

Hello Folks,

As promised, another blog which did not take over a month to publish. So as I previously mentioned, I have accepted my place in the MSc in Real Estate. After all the sheer delight of being accepted, I soon came back down to earth with regards to the sheer cost of living in Dublin for almost a full year. The 9-5 office job I had was beyond boring (as so many are) and the pay was pretty poor at £250 a week. Once you take out the cost of food and a few pints, you really don’t have a lot to save. The house in which I will be living in Dublin is costing €500 per month and the cost of the masters ins in the €6,000 region. Added to this cost is day to day spending, cloths, gym and socialising with my mates in Dublin. As you can see, the £250 a week was not much use to me.



As Niamh and I were on our usual evening walks in the large tillage fields behind the University in Ciren, I had a brainwave. I was going to drive tractor and trailers for the summer harvest in the UK. This would be normal to many youth whose father owns a farm but not me. To be honest, I was familar with tractors and drove our family one numerous times, but by no means would I consider myself a top class diver (Below average is about right). Yet as I needed money and as I am a big believer in ‘Learning on the Job’ I applied for about 10 harvest jobs. days after I got a call from a Estate Manager asking to meet and to sign a contract. The nest day I headed to Newmarket, met the team and signed the contract. My £250 a week not has the potential to become £600-700 depending on the hours worked. Today was my first day and everything went well. I’ll be sure to keep ye posted every few days once it gets really busy.


Another side note to take from this is that, you have to have belief and just back yourself. He who says he can and can not, are both usually correct.





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