Gone for a minute…..More like a month


Hello Folks,

First and foremost apologies for the sincere lack of content. When this blog first came about I had planned on it becoming a travel blog, as I was supposed to be jetting off to Vietnam with my mates to teach English. Since that time, as is usual is life, lots has changed and my situation has different to what I had originally thought it would be.

Firstly, I am still in the U.K but no longer in Cirencester. Instead, I am now residing in Newmarket. So now to give context. Days before my final year results came out, I along with 99.9% of those receiving them, was a bad of nerves to put it blandly. Going into 4th year, I was on a 2.3 mainly due to a poor exam in which I had a full on blank and forgot everything. Going into final year, I made an effort to put in a big shift and get the best grade possible. A few months later and I had done just that. I received a 2.1 degree in English Literature and Geography. During the month of April, I made an application to be accepted to a MSc in Real Estate in Dublin Institute of Technology. As my undergraduate degree was not the most cognitive, I did not hold much hope for my chances.

As luck would have it, the day after I got my results, I got an offer from D.I.T. Que chaos ensuing and big decisions to be made. After much thought I have decided to accept and explore the pathway now forged for me. Am I excited to learn all I can about the Real Estate industry? YES! Am I worries that I have made a mistake by not going to Vietnam? YES, YES, YES.

While in Ciren, I did find ways to keep myself occupied. I had a job where I worked from home. Believe me it was the most boring job I’ve ever had. I also worked part time at Cirencester Polo Club with my Girlfriend. For someone who had never seen a polo game before, they were a great bunch and made my time there quite enjoyable.

As my mom says, Everything happens for a reason and time will tell if such is the case. With regards to my new post code, there is a good and humorous reason for my relocation. Stay tunes. I promise to not let a month go by before I post again.




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