Step 1: MOVE

Any movement. Just get out of the routine of your entire existence. This is what I found I was telling myself. For the past 23 years of my life, upon waking up every morning I was met with this sight.


Like many of us, I had become so comfortable living in Fedamore. I had a set routine which suited me fine and to be fair it did me no harm. However, once I finished up in College, I was met with a question ‘What the hell do I do now?’. Pretty much everyone I spoke to in my course had all applied to masters to become teachers. Many of my other friends already signed graduate contracts and tied into a few years of work already.

Don’t get me wrong, If you now what you want to do, that is AMAZING and will lead to fewer sleepless nights and headaches. For me personally, I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I felt it would be madness to pay thousands of euros to  do a course I wasn’t passionate about, or work as a graduate in a firm I felt little passion for. I have matured greatly over the duration of my time in 3rd level education and I now have the fear of doing something I will hate. If you hate what you are doing, the chances of you being good at it are low. Its then rare that you see  successful people doing something they hate.

A few days after my last exam, I decided that I was going to quit my part-time job in Costcutters and move over to my girlfriend in Cirencester, England for the summer. Once I was sure it was happening, I became a mixed bag of emotions. I realised that it was my time to fly the coup and I was delighted to have the opportunity… only i still found it very difficult to say goodbye to my family. A final family session made that a little easier! Maybe part of the reason is because I simply have a very good life at home. My younger brother and I are quite close and my sister attended the same college as me. I also own a beautiful little King Charles who has the most infuriating bark. At times it more like a scream!!!. All in all, when home life is good, it  is obviously going to be tough to leave it all behind.

Comfort is a funny thing. It has lured me into a mindset where travel was pushed into a distant thought. The biggest task is getting your mind around this change. I am now ready for my adventures.

I fully believe that everything happens for a reason but that in most cases we make our own luck. Therefore, as I embark on my journey into adult life I am determined to work hard, give it my all, yet also embrace each moment and enjoy life.



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