An introduction to my life and access to my thoughts.

Hello folks and welcome to my first blog post. My name is Tomas Mulcahy, I am 23 years old and currently residing in a picturesque little town in England called Cirencester. This is my first attempt at writing any type of blog so bare with me as I develop this. Later in this intro, I will tell ye more about me but just know, I have big plans and solid content in the future.


Last month brought about the end of my 3rd level education which left me feeling an array of emotions if i’m to be honest. In 2013, I first entered the doors of Mary Immaculate College in Limerick City, Ireland. Immediately, I developed a strong disliking for the college. Thinking back on it now, it was essentially a larger secondary school with similar social dynamics. I studied English & Geography which may one day be of use to me as I enter the big bad and uncertain world.

I had numerous dreams of the feeling of walking out of my last exam and the freedom I would then have. However, like most things we build up in our heads, my exit of Mary Immaculate was an anti climax and left me a little bit sad. Friends I had seen every day would be rarely stumbled upon. The freedom of choosing whether or not to attend lectures was now to be replaced with responsibilities of a 9-5. All in all, I suppose the jump just caught me by surprise.



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